The "W" on a container of motor oil is a mysterious letter. Why was that particular letter chosen? "W" stands for winter, which makes sense. The numbers before the letter refer to colder temperature viscosity rating. The numbers after refer to the hot-weather viscosity ratings.

Viscosity shouldn’t be a mysterious term for vehicle owners. Viscosity indicates how fast or slow motor oil pours. Thin oil pours faster and works better in cold temperatures. Thicker motor oil has a slower flowing speed and works better during hot weather in Midland, TX. Pick the right one for the right season.

Don’t choose motor oil without carefully thinking about viscosity. You want to take the best care of your car. That requires being knowledgeable about many different maintenance steps, including choosing the best engine oil.

The time for an oil change has arrived, and maybe you need additional service. Our maintenance team at Alderson European Motors Midland can do any job you ask.

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