Belts and pulleys are necessary to turn various mechanical parts that include the fan, air conditioning compressor, alternator, power steering, and water pumps. Rubber hoses and steel lines allow fluid to move from one location in the engine to another.

However, over time, belts and hoses wear out. The heat and element exposure they endure causes drying out, which leads to cracking and leaking. The parts must be replaced to prevent major engine damage that is often costly.

Owners should spot check under the hood periodically to determine any signs of wear and tear on belts, hoses or lines. By having your vehicle routinely serviced by one of our Midland, TX Alderson European Motors Midland technicians, we can also detect small problems before they become more serious. Schedule an appointment at our garage when having any type of mechanical or electrical problem with a vehicle. We provide quality services and use only top-of-the-line replacement parts.

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