Cleaning Your Car's Engine

While keeping your car's exterior clean is admirable, there's plenty of grime lurking under the surface that is not only unsightly but can actually be dangerous. Your engine is partially exposed to the outside, making it vulnerable to road dust and grit kicked up from the ground as you drive. This mixture gets trapped in oil leaked naturally from your engine components, resulting in a sludge that's flammable.

Cover vulnerable engine parts with plastic tightly and remove plastic caps to be cleaned separately. Spray a degreaser on your grimy engine parts, taking care to scrub thoroughly with a plastic-bristled brush. Rinse well, paying attention to any stubborn areas. Finally, wipe it all down with a clean cloth and replace all plastic caps.

If you've got any questions about how your car is functioning or suspect there might be a problem with your engine, bring it by Alderson European Motors Midland in Midland, TX. Our mechanics are standing by to help you with any aspect of car care you require.

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