How Important is it to Wash Your Vehicle?

At Alderson European Motors Midland, we want to make sure all drivers in Midland have the facts about the importance of keeping a car clean. Washing your vehicle gives it a longer lifespan, which is essential if you ever want to trade in your vehicle for a newer vehicle.

You may also notice that you get better gas mileage when your car is clean! A car is less likely to rust when the dirt and grime are cleaned off of it regularly. Dirt can also cause damage to the protective coating on a vehicle as well as scratches if it is on the car for an extended time.

Driving around in a clean car will also give you more of a sense of pride than driving around town in a dirty vehicle. Washing your vehicle so it will always look clean depends on the weather and other factors. Consider washing your car at least once a week and add in an additional washing when needed.


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