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The Importance of Tire Rotations

At Alderson European Motors Midland, we like to help our customers keep their vehicles in good shape. Taking care of your vehicle's tires is important because it helps keep you and your occupants safe. You can help keep your tires in optimal condition with routine tire rotations.

Tire rotations change the position of each tire on your car, and most vehicle manufacturers suggest to have tire rotations every 5,000 miles. In many instances, tire rotations are performed in conjunction with oil changes.

Routine tire rotations are vital for a number of reasons. When your tires are being rotated, our service technicians can inspect them for damage, check the air pressure, and have them balanced if needed. When your tires are rotated regularly, it will also enhance traction, stability, braking, and cornering. With all-wheel drive vehicles, tire rotations can reduce wear on the powertrain and other expensive components. Front-wheel drive vehicles benefit from tire rotations because the front tires are subjected to more torque and friction.



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