Buying vs Leasing Your Mercedes-Benz

When you're shopping for your next Mercedes-Benz, you need to make a few decisions. What kind of body style do you want to drive? Do you want to drive new or used model? Finally, do you want to buy or lease? Buying and leasing each have their own benefits, and neither is strictly better than the other. Here is a quick rundown of the two, to help you make a more informed decision.


  • Once you fully pay for your Mercedes-Benz, it's yours
  • Drive your Mercedes-Benz as much as you want, even before it's fully paid off
  • You can use it as a trade-in for your next Mercedes-Benz
  • You pay for the vehicle's full value


  • You get to drive your Mercedes-Benz for the duration of the lease, then you return it to the dealership when the lease is up
  • You pay for the vehicle's projected value depreciation over the course of the lease, not the full value
  • Leasing is almost always covered by the vehicle's warranty
  • Leasing has a yearly mile limit

If you have any more questions about buying or leasing, we're all ears. The experts in our finance center will help you decide on the best payment plan for your budget. If you're in the Seminole, Big Spring, Odessa, or San Angelo area, come pay us a visit here in Midland, TX. We can't wait to help you out.

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