November 2017 Sales for Mercedes-Benz are up by 1.6%

Mercedes-Benz has reported a solid increase in sales for the 2017 November month, ending the year on a fantastic climb from last year's report. November sales for 2017 hit a whopping 30,838 vehicle units which is a definite increase from the previous November sales of 30,363 units. Reported as the best-ever month of November sales, the year-to-date total for 2017 has hit a total of 302,043 units. This steady increase from 2016 sales has proven the attractive new line of 2017 models are hitting their mark, but what are some of the top sellers for Mercedes-Benz?

The top selling models for November 2017 were the C-Class, GLC and GLE Mercedes-Benz models with the C-Class coming out on top with a total of 6,001 units sold and the GLC in a close second with a total of 5,357. The GLE model did substantially well with 4,914 total models sold. Let's not forget about the Mercedes-AMG high-performance models that are at a year-to-date increase of 49.6% with a total of 30,116 vehicles sold from the start of 2017.

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